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Semi Circular Medium Supports – 12mm (Set of 2)


Enhance your garden with our Semi Circular Traditional Plant Supports. Made from durable 12mm Ø steel rod, these supports provide stability and style for your plants. The set includes two medium-sized supports, perfect for your gardening needs.

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Muntons Traditional Plant Supports® are meticulously crafted by hand in the Cotswolds, offering exceptional support and adding a touch of architectural elegance to your garden. These semi-circular supports, made from robust 12mm Ø steel rod, are specifically designed to provide long-lasting stability for larger and heavier shrubs and plants.

With their sturdy construction, these plant supports effectively prevent sprawling or drooping, allowing your plants to grow upright and flourish. The semi-circular shape provides ample space for the plants to grow and helps maintain their natural form and structure. Whether you have mature shrubs or young plants that require additional support, these medium-sized supports are the perfect solution.

Installing these plant supports is effortless, and they seamlessly blend into your garden landscape. Their timeless design and durable material ensure they can withstand the elements and serve as reliable supports for many seasons to come.

Invest in Muntons Traditional Plant Supports® for robust, stylish, and reliable support for your larger plants and shrubs, ensuring they grow and thrive in your garden for years to come.

  • Strong and durable plant support.
  • Enhances plant growth and stability.
  • Adds architectural style to garden.
  • Suitable for larger, heavier plants.
  • Handcrafted in the Cotswolds.

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Materials & Dimensions

  • 12mm Ø steel rod
  • H 750mm x W 450mm x D 450mm

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used to make the semi-circular plant supports?
The semi-circular plant supports are made from 12mm Ø steel rod.

Can these supports be used for all types of plants?
These supports are ideal for larger, heavier shrubs and plants that require additional support.

Are the plant supports weather-resistant?
Yes, the plant supports are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are long-lasting.

How many supports are included in a set?
Each set includes two semi-circular plant supports.

Can these supports be customised or personalised?
Currently, the supports are available in their standard design and size without customisation options.


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Additional information

Dimensions 450 × 450 × 750 mm

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