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HOW are KYEBURN operating sustainably?

Kyeburn create and manufacture all our products in the UK at our Cirencester Head Office.  The building has been refurbished with low energy lighting and even our delivery vehicles have been replaced. 

Our new digital office system removes our dependency on paper and cardboard and we use recyclable packaging materials.

We have installed a water filtration system to stop the use of plastic bottles (over 1000 bottles saved per year).

We are planning solar panels on the roof in 2025 to create a source of clean energy. Plus we recycle all of our offcuts and remnants.

Roadmap to zero carbon

Low energy lighting installed (complete)

Higher efficiency delivery vehicles (complete)

Fully digital office (Stage 1 complete)

All packaging from recycled stock (in progress)

Installed a water filtration system (complete)

Solar panels installed on the roof (Target 2025)

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Kyeburn loves the Earth. Why steel is the sustainable material of the future…

DID YOU KNOW? Steel is one of the most sustainable resources available.  It can be used FOREVER, as it can be recycled an infinite number of times with NO impact to its quality.

This means that the fossil fuels that are used to make steel are not wasted.

Steel is in fact the most recycled industrial material in the world, with over 500 metric tonnes recycled annually and so is the only truly wholly recycled material

Why Choose Steel

  1. Due to its strength, you don’t need a lot to do the job
  2. It’s endlessly recyclable – some steel mills only use scrap to produce new steel
  3. There’s relatively little energy used to produce it
  4. The waste it produces is reusable
  5. It’s not toxic to humans or the environment