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Who is Kyeburn?

Kyeburn is the design arm of award winning Cirencester Fabrication Services, created by Marc and Nichola Begg. They spend their time between their home in Wiltshire and the factory in Gloucestershire, with their 4 teenage boys and Bear – the GSD x Rottie company mascot – who can be seen in some of our photos.

Born in New Zealand. At home in the Cotswolds.

The Kyeburn brand was born with Marc’s New Zealand roots inherent in its core values. In New Zealand, in the Maori language, whānau means family – and not just your bloodline, but also those friends and confidantes that you support and help whilst celebrating the rich tapestry of life with. So here at Kyeburn we aim to design and turn your inspiration into metal, bringing people together, helping celebrate and support our family and community. Every thing you see has a personal story, of its inception and of the value it brings to its owner.

If you have an inspiration that you would like us to help design, or bring to life, please contact us


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